Things that catch my eye…

Things that catch my eye...

Sometimes it seems that we fear what we cannot see as if the shadows have more poignancy than material objects or facts. Shadows have always been beautiful to me, They catch my eye and cause me to stop for a moment. Perhaps it’s the mystery of shadows- what can’t be seen that draws me. I wonder and puzzle at things not easily ascertained. I like to let my imagination fly into the space and at other times I retreat in fear of what I find within myself.

It’s what catches my eye that I ask into…the images that each time I see them pull me into a place of questioning and of breath.

I’d love to see what things catch your eye as well….share if you’d like:)


2 thoughts on “Things that catch my eye…”

  1. Wow! Shadows are amazing in this one! And I was upstairs playing with numbers! (1+0=8)!?!? I’ll try to explain tomorrow. Thanks love – really stunning!

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