painting my self: a portrait

To Paint

I’m known to tell people that life is messy. Truth is, my life is messy and it’s because of this that I feel I can say the words from a place of knowing, at least about messes. Messiness is a relative thing really, a preference for how to be in the world. I like it this way. I must because I am.

The picture I’ve painted here is a painting of my self in a mess. Project on that what you will. Go ahead. I would. The way I paint is a reflection of this-my way of aligning my inner and outer realities. In my therapy world I call that congruence. It’s supposed to be a reflection of health, and that too comes out of my mouth regularly…I tend to preach that this is the goal, being true to oneself, being honest inside and out. Maybe that’s why I paint. It helps me along the way.


6 thoughts on “painting my self: a portrait”

  1. Wonderfully poetic. So wish I could draw and paint. I’m a big fan of photography too, and experiment with my camera, since I can’t draw. When you say your life is messy, do you mean your home and office are a mess, or do you mean your daily life/schedule is chaotic?

    1. Thank you for your kind words. To me drawing and painting belongs not just to those who consider themselves artist’s per say, but to humanity in general. I don’ consider myself a good draftsman, but I love to draw. I think the key is learning about yourself and the way you see the world. Rendering something ‘realistically’ is never my goal and that has freed me to engage drawing. I think photography is a great venue as well, a little less threatening? I’m glad you experiment:)

      As far as messy and what it means…messiness is synonymous with engaged and conscious presence of living. Messy is full/complicated/participatory/aware:) I admit that it takes balance for messiness to function positively, and it must be practiced as an accompaniment I’m thinking?

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. i enjoy you messy…and think it probably does show maturity to recognize the externals that represent our internals. your expressive powers verbally i think are impressively advanced for most visual artists (although there IS impressive company – van Gogh, da Vinci, Dine, Bourgeois, and so on). It’s wonderful for me to hear you in this venue – almost intimidating! Thanks for sharing yourself…so powerfully open…

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