I call these paintings echos.

Their impressions of shape and color are vague, ghostly, and sometimes undistinguishable as a whole.   They remind me of feelings and perceptions of experiences that dissolve by mere touch.   When I look at them I see something but cannot name it.  My childhood is echoed in the layering.  The familiar sense of dress up and dolls.  And yet, what I can decipher  is either too  foggy and delineated or so loud and pressing that the reverberation is a cacophony  that could be anything, say anything,  shout anything.

The red proclaims truth, the blue soothes fear, and the white  offers hope of clarity?!


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5 thoughts on “Echos”

  1. Your next post that I have been informed by e-mail, and I saw it in my e*mail but when I visited your blog, I noticed that it has gone… but it say 404 area and not permission to see… I didn’t understand… What is this, you ask. But where is this and what is this a painting, a picture, a photograph, etc. ? I really wondered now… I hope there is an explanation for this. Thank you, with my love, nia

    1. I’m so sorry Nia. I deleted this post desiring to get a better photo and I will repost. It is a photo I took of a ceramic mask I made in my studio sitting against some rocks that are bound together. They caught my eye last night and I joined them in a photo. Hope this helps. I will repost. Thanks for writing. Take care!

      1. …. 🙂 No need to sorry, just made me wondered… But I didn’t expect this… It was much more science fiction as if…. 🙂 Thank you, with my love, nia

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