Capturing a Storm…

“Winter Tempest I and II” 2012,  Ink and Acrylic on Canvas.  -Holly Suzanne.    Click on Images to See More.

When I painted this I wanted to capture my experience of an emotional storm and it’s reverberation through space.  The two halves fit together this way, although I’ve often felt as if they should be placed vertically, as winds blow from many directions.

How do we take account for the many influences on our lives?  It’s a question I often ponder and struggle with.  -Holly Suzanne

10pt arial; text-decoration: underline;”>abstract mixed media


8 thoughts on “Capturing a Storm…”

  1. Art is the only answer for me…. and your inner voice will tell you always… Actually there is no need any question for only two things in this life, one is “love” (to fall in love) the other one is art… They find us…. they hit us… Maybe I am wrong but this is what I think… I loved your paiantings… Thank you, with my love, nia

    1. I appreciate your senitment, Nia. Your sensitivity to emotional realities expressed via art and love are poignant in your art work. Thank you for your careful consideration of what is posted in our blogging world. I am glad you like the paintings.


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