The Sunshine Award

Dear Readers,

I have been nominated by a very talented artist/blogger , Ute,  at,  for the Sunshine Award.  Her work is really amazing and I hope you check it out.  She posted four sketches as answers to seven questions about herself that are very thought provoking and cause one to pause awhile longer over them.  Her site is in German so turn on the translator!

Many of you know with these awards that it is a way to get to know one another and to get to know one another’s sites and work, as well as noting exceptional work and blogs that stand out to us personally, which is in itself another way to get to know each other and increase community. The rules are to nominate 7-10 blogs and to share 7 things that others won’t know about you.  If you would like you can follow Ute’s lead and share works/images/etc. that you’ve not shown before, or works in progress, or something of the sort.

Here are three self portraits completed awhile back in answer to the seven things you don’t know about me…..


Here are the wonderful blogs I’d like to acknowledge and appreciate with the Sunshine Award….

Drawing Room Days

Experiments in Experience

Post Card Fiction

Celebration of Now

Elena Caravela

There are so many of you that deserve this.  Thank you and pass it on as you see fit.  Here are three self portraits in lieu of the questions.


-Holly Suzanne



10 thoughts on “The Sunshine Award”

  1. Congratulations dear Holly, you deserve this beautiful award. You are such a beautiful artist, I loved your self-portraits… and also I love your blog too. Thank you so much for introducing me with new bloggers and also Thank you for thinking of me too. I am honored. Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

  2. Thank you for the award. I was inspired by your artistic answers to the questions so I’ll have to think of something good for my reply. Thanks again.

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