My Trinity

Encaustic Triptyk: Love, Health, Happiness
Mixed Media (paint, ink, clay shards, shellac, wood glue, and encaustic and resin) on wood. 2012. -Holly Suzanne


I found these wooden boards (12″ x 12″) at a resale store.  They had markings on them signifying Love, Health, and Happiness.  As is always my preference for materials, I found a ready “canvas” in these pieces.  I decided to add to these pieces without erasing their history and the result is what you see.  In a lot of my work I enjoy adding layers of texture and color to build up transparency and complexity while keeping things simple enough that the piece is unapproachable.  This is of course unless my aim is to disturb:)  These pieces are not for sale as I’ve already gifted them to people I love, but there are prints available if you really like them.  Click through the first picture to the link if you are interested.

Have a wonderful day!-Holly


6 thoughts on “My Trinity”

  1. These are very rich and beautiful…what can be so trite in our culture and it’s ready borrowing from long traditions and wisdoms of others and bastardizing them into “ready-mades” – you have actually taken and deepened and layered intensely – seem so representative of what actually pertains to the terms/characters you discovered. Brilliant work wife.

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