Eat Wild, Eat Healthy, Eat Green

Just released! -by Donna Johnson
A book about sustainability and living off the earth
Recipe’s included!

Some of you know that I try to adopt a sustainable art practice by using found objects, repurposed materials, mediums, and supplies gathered from my immediate surroundings.  This practice is one that is constantly changing as I discover and learn about what is available and useful.

Today my mother in coordination with the Tualatin Valley Gleaners  just published a book in the same spirit.  Her book, Eat Wild, Eat Healthy, Eat Green: Getting Nutrion on a Shoestring: Foraging, Harvesting, and Cooking With Oregon’s Wild Edibles is about returning to the earth for our nutrition.  This book has over 500 pages of relevant and practical information that is not only a resource on where to find what wild edibles in Oregon and their historical Native American use, but a fantastic nutritional reference and  cookbook.

*The plants listed in the book actually grow from British Columbia to Northern California

You can read a sample on both Smashwords and on Amazon.  Click on the links!

I guess you could say I’m proud of my mom who wrote the book, and my sister, who is a part of the Tualatin Valley Gleaners.  Both of them have a vision that I admire.


Holly Suzanne


One thought on “Eat Wild, Eat Healthy, Eat Green”

  1. Thank you for your visit. The book does look interesting. I have been foraging in my back yard…well sort of. Some berry plants I think I actually planted and others were bird gifted. I’ve been popping the berries in the freezer until I have enough to make jam. I did that the first time last year and I really enjoyed my homemade jam.

    Best to you and yours.

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