Today in the Studio

Today in the studio I’ve been working on a collage (see below).  This particular piece was created with two separate works that haven’t felt complete and I’ve been waiting to see what to do with them.  If you are a regular reader you may recall the watercolor gouache painting in the rain that I did awhile back.  It is one of the works I’m referring to.  

My interest in collage has a lot to do with understanding how meaning is made.  The nuances, turns, and layering are experienced in me as an intuitive understanding and perception of place and of awareness of volition or choice.  It is a sensitive dance and one I thoroughly enjoy.

Here are some of other pieces I’ve completed recently:


5 thoughts on “Today in the Studio”

  1. remarkable work love! I love how your “making of meaning” so demonstrates and enables not only all that surrounds us and happens to us, but you effecting all of those things, shaping, building, enriching, enhancing, developing the world as you engage it! Incredible! So thankful to witness/withness you

  2. These are fabulous. It makes me want to get out my art supplies…I’m inching my way in that direction, so thanks for being part of the encouragement the Universe is providing!

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