Weekly Photo Challenge: Close(r)

Last year I turned 46 exactly two minutes after my twin sister.  I’ve been following her around now for all these years,  just two minutes behind.  I’ve always looked to her for certain things, and there are times she looks to me, but truth be told…it’s crowded in twin land!

So here we are:  goofy, playful, defiant of our age, and struggling, as I imagine we once did in our mother’s womb. I’m told we had a twin language and I guess we still do in a way, though it is far more intuitive and subtle now.  We shared a crib as babies, a bed as girls, and a stubborn independence to this day.  Did I mention we were born on July 4th-Independence Day? It’s such an interesting coincidence for two people who cannot escape their shared origin and have spent their lives searching for their individual identity.


Here’s a few more pics just because…


6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Close(r)”

  1. I don’t know if it’s great genes or great smiles but I don’t see someone in their 40’s here. I see two young happy , beautiful best friends having a wonderful journey with their lives. Just inspiring. Happiness is having a family to laugh with you no matter what…

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