Remembering some early works…

I picked up my paintbrush a few years back after a long lapse in practicing the art of painting.  It took a major life event, namely a catastrophic multi-vehicle accident, to slow life down long enough to rediscover my love.

These paintings are some of the early work I completed in those first few months of recovery.  I was wheelchair bound at the time, healing from multiple fractures to my pelvis.  It was a time of healing on many levels, and a time of looking into the future without clarity as to what it would hold.

I’ve found a way through that time, much to my delight, and my life is richer and fuller for it.

I’ve completed a number of works on the theme of this crash and my process. Click here to see more.


4 thoughts on “Remembering some early works…”

  1. thank goodness you picked up the brush. what do we call that – a “mixed catastrophe”? in the category of “mixed blessings”? oh the complexities, but how you’ve emerged…

  2. I love your work…. and isn’t it just like life to give you ‘time out’ when it’s needed..!
    Wouldn’t you think though; it could be done in a less than dramatic way!?! :j

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