Considering Forms and Process

Today I’ve been working on some  sculptural pieces started last last week, considering where to trim, how to shape them, where to ad texture.  The feeling behind the work is always something I  sit with while determining the mood of a piece and what I want to communicate emerges or forms as the figures themselves form.  My process is to look inside for a sense of what feels right and settles.  My own internal rhythms are the barometer for this.  It’s probably no wonder that sometimes I hack away at things when I get agitated:)  That didn’t happen today, although the heat would be reason enough!

Enjoy the day-

Holly Suzanne


5 thoughts on “Considering Forms and Process”

  1. so glad always at your convergences: emotions, agilities, fragilities, will and play (among others): in short: i’m glad you make art with ALL of you

  2. Hello Holly, I’d love to comment on your recent post ‘An Expansive and Ekphrastic Life’, which I enjoyed reading (and loved the pictorial aspect as well) however; the page appears as a 404 error (so here is my comment on this page).
    Wonderful ceremony indeed… 🙂

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