Remembering Moments

Large ink and watercolor painting by Holly and Nathan 2011

This post is dedicated to Nathan on our anniversary as he loves it when I dabble in his chosen medium- that of language.  To you, Nathan!


To Wed

Colors lay side by side. They overlap, swim, mingle, transform.

The landscape is blocks of color, layers of transparency, dark lines of definition, black spots of experience.

The process is fluid, mixed with water, layers of color, infusions of ink dancing with water.

It shifts as it settles, some colors coming forward while others recede.

Water absorbs.  Pigments come to rest.  On the surface a kaleidoscope of translucent color.

I see you there.  I see me.  Our marriage.  Our union,  in all it’s particularities.

And I find myself grateful in this moment of pondering of what it means To Wed.


–  Holly Suzanne July 9, 2011 on the occasion of my one year wedding anniversary to Nathan Filbert.



3 thoughts on “Remembering Moments”

  1. thank you so much dear spouse. it DOES mean a lot to me when you make in my preferred medium, a kind of sharing that almost feels unboundaried. Like we get a little bit inside one another when we make into/out of shared mediums. I love you. I cherish your work, ingenuity, talents, unsuppressable creativity that sparks through all of our lives. Especially the bonds you forge. Thank you love. I’m so glad we’re tied together AND free-flowing one with the other. Happy Anniversary.

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