Ink and Gouache on Paper
Holly Suzanne-2012

I find that most days I gravitate towards blots on paper.  It is grounding, these pools of color heavy with intent.  I can rest there.  Launch from there.  Bursting forth with enthusiasm and in spurts.  Like puppies.  Energy expands in random directions.  But there is always the return.

My creative process these days has been interesting for me.  I’ve been juggling a lot of things, including new puppies:), and find myself a little scattered.   It’s the organization that requires a little work, and prioritization also helps, but this too means prioritizing time to prioritize- you see?!  I chase my tail.

In my studio I have five sculptural pieces I’m working on- all in various stages of process, several collages, and a larger ekphrastic project that Nathan, my husband,  and I are working on.  Also, My step daughter and I (she’s 8) are also working on sketches and story ideas for several books on the adventures of Indigo and Scarlet.  And then there’s my therapy practice, which has been paperwork heavy lately, as I’ve been applying to insurance panels.

Where to start?  Today  Most days, I sit with my coffee on the porch or in the backyard with the pups, and I ask myself what the day holds.  I ask what I need, what I have to do (tasks) and how I feel.  It’s such a delicate balance and requires such careful listening.  I am paid to listen to others’s and this morning I am  reminded that it is imperative that I slow and listen to myself.

Enjoy the day-

Holly Suzanne




3 thoughts on “Listening”

  1. beautifully written and so true… I find it imperative I sometimes simply sit and be … no need to do..a human being rather than a human doing, I suppose.

    enjoy those puppies!;)

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