Friday Fictioneers- “The Voyeur”

The land is barren.  Desolate. The view from above revealing the truth.  There is no safe place to land.  Others dip and dive, searching for that chance, that opportunity, that piece of meat. Not I.  Better to observe than to risk. The advantage of elevation, from the tip of the farthest branch is that it serves as protection, but from what?  A question I often ask myself as it also leaves me hungry.  Days bleed into nights, with one important distinction.  I can see myself at night.  Through the darkness I emerge and others fade away.  There is safety there.  And power.  My natural world.  My true state.

Post for Friday Fictioneers!  What a great prompt, Madeline:)



16 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers- “The Voyeur””

  1. I liked the “day bleeds into night” phrase, too. It’s interesting that a number of us chose to look at things from the point of view of the buzzard, albeit with different takes. Good stuff.

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