Refined Through Fire

– “Refined Through Fire”-  handbuilt sculpture bisque fired to cone 5 and then saw dust fired with red iron oxide, salt, and bone ash.  2012- Holly Suzanne. All images by Holly Suzanne.

I believe in making the most of life as it comes and in whatever ways it happens.  This sculpture, in the greenware state looked like this: 

When I took the piece out of the kiln and saw that the side had been blown off,  I found something that to me was unexpectedly beautiful.  The lines of the remaining figure were sharp and clean, reminding me of cracks in ice.  I decided not to glaze the piece and instead smoke fired it with newspaper, sawdust, and leaves from the yard.   For those of you that want to learn more about the process of saw dust or smoke firing, you can find a little below: Instead of a pit I use an aluminum trash can and add more items to the mix for a bit more surprise:)



2 thoughts on “Refined Through Fire”

    1. Thank you. I’m not sure everyone can appreciate what has happened here. I love it though and agree she is fierce. When I saw that she blew up in the kiln on her right side I joked with Nathan that it was autobiographical. It was the right half of my pelvis that was crushed in the accident I was in a couple of years back. I resonate with the strength in the piece- the peace that comes through adversity and struggle. The beauty in rough edges and imperfection.
      Thanks for your comments. They are always appreciated!

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