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Collage in Mixed Media on Wood, Holly Suzanne 2012







Collage in Mixed Media on Wood,  Holly Suzanne, 2012

Hello Everyone!  I hope this September finds you in your creative groove.  I’ve been absent from Life In Relation To Art  (my blog) but not absent in my studio, and I’m sending this post out for all of you who follow my blog…Hello;)  Balancing life and art necessitates such careful balance.  It’s good to be able to write you all.

Things in my little slice of the world are moving along and things are emerging in my work.  I’ve been working on some mixed media encaustic collage  pieces for a show coming up in November here in Wichita, as well as a large triptych called “Waterplay” in oil on canvas.  I’ll be unveiling some of the work slowly prior to the show, and have dedicated two days a week to work in my studio, and snippets of other days when I’m able to accomplish the task.

These two pieces were inspired by several cool days here in Kansas, where we had partly sunny skies and occasional rain showers.  As is my preference I like to use discarded paintings in my encaustic collage work as they provide rich and interesting collage papers to work with.   I’ve been noticing the circular design popping up in my work lately.  In these two pieces I used wood glue and shellac in a wet burn technique to create contrast to the softer colors of the papers and wax.

Until next time,

Holly Suzanne





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