Work in Process


These are two of the large oil paintings I’ve been working on in my studio.  I’m at a stand still currently as my supplies have dwindled and I am awaiting a shipment to complete them.  The Triptyk is called Waterplay, even though I only show two of the works here.  I find oil to be a labor of love in that it demands patience and planning, or at least more planning than I typically desire.  These works have taken a form I’d not suspected however and I’m letting them lead me as I go.   I imagine the swimmer to be delighting under a  waterfall, as seen in the other painting.  She seems to be pondering something there.

Have a good eve-

Holly Suzanne


5 thoughts on “Work in Process”

  1. it’s always ever so interesting to hear you write/speak about your work love. beyond your creational perspective on the pieces, the pronouns you select interest me also. I love you

  2. This close up is so yummy! What is the size of your encaustics? I used wax but not in the usual sense. I used it more like batik in large paintings about Egypt and China. I put wax on rice paper. You can imagine the mess I made until I figured out how to make it work without the whole thing sticking to the floor!

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