Organic Inspirations



“Earth, Wind, and Fire”, Mixed Media on Pressed Wood, 18″ x 18″ ,  Holly Suzanne 2012


While in Colorado this summer, I was drawn again to the wonders and complexities of geology and the ecology of the earth.  This was particularly poignant after seeing the aftermath of all the forest fires in the area, and again when visiting the Florissant Fossil Beds near Colorado Springs and viewing massive stumps of petrified wood. This piece reflects my fascination with layers of complexity and the way organic matter interacts with the elements.



5 thoughts on “Organic Inspirations”

  1. I’m often frustrated with looking at a work of art on a computer screen. I feel cheated out of inspecting the textured surface ‘face to face’ with the artwork. The flat screen just doesn’t do it justice. From the ‘distance’ created by the computer screen, it looks great though.

    1. I completely agree with the frustration you voice. This piece did not photograph well either. There is a lot of depth and transparency to it that I couldn’t capture. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Be well.

  2. I think you were able to capture the intaglio-like beauty quite nicely! The facets and colors remind me of a jewel before it is torn from the earth.

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