Cycles of Life

Cycles of Life
Mixed Media on Board with Resin
18″ x 18″


The title of this piece is perhaps self evident.  This piece, constructed with paper, plastic, shellac, wood glue, acrylic paint, and oil was made with the summer fires in Colorado in mind.  Often what we believe will scar the landscape or our own lives actually ends up bringing unexpected discoveries.  The overall topography is something to behold and hold in reverence.


This is one of the pieces I’ll be featuring in the show at Mead’s Corner in Wichita from October 31st to December 1, 2012.


5 thoughts on “Cycles of Life”

  1. This is so textural and meaningful – I love it! We had serious fires here in 2006, and one thing it did was expose some caves in the hillsides that most people either didn’t know existed, or had forgotten about. So it’s interesting how the change in the landscape is at first shocking, but then has a beauty of its own, bringing with it a sense of discovery … =D

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