Contemplating Personal Power

Owning my own personal power is something I take very seriously.  Not only is this important in my work as a therapist, where equalizing the inherent power differential is a part of my theoretical lens, but it is important in other areas of my life as well and affects my marriage, my parenting, and my creative capacities.  Believing in myself, owning my strengths, my limitations, my growth edges, helps me face down fear, which so often paralyzes me, especially artistically.  I fear that I have nothing relevant to say and even less ability to execute it.  It’s easier with therapy, the stance of humility is beneficial to reducing other peoples anxieties.  With art, when I am planning or working on a piece I find that confidence and trust in myself are paramount.  These are important in therapy as well, but it is not really about me, it is about others.  Art brings me face to face with my self in a way that leaves me vulnerable.  When I am able to overcome my fear and allow myself freedom to make mistakes, the result is often gratifying.  It’s this personal power I hold onto when I begin to doubt.

This latest in the series of Meditating Possibilities seemed a fitting tribute to starting the new year.  Thanks to my step son whose Captain America helmet was loaned for the sitting:)


9 thoughts on “Contemplating Personal Power”

    1. Indeed. It often perplexes me, though. Sometimes it surprises me and I resent the return to insecurity, but as you say, this is part of the process and one thing we know about process is that if we keep on moving through it we come out on the other side.

      1. The buddha drawings seem quite a departure from the abstract encaustic works. Do you always go back to realism when you start a new creative process/project/research/thinking/wondering how to begin again/you know what I mean?

          1. Yes. I do the same. Just talked to a friend about working photoreal in order to gather information for abstraction. Thanks.

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