Expressive Arts: Nourishing The Soul



At the end of August I spent a week in Sonoma, California at a week long intensive designed for participants to move into a multi-modal expressive space in order to access a deeper level of innate creativity.  The artwork this week was not about a finished artifact of fine art, but about the process itself.  The artifacts are merely participants in the journey and provide a place of dialogue and inquiry.  There are six pieces here, from that week.  One of the sculptural pieces broke on the journey home and is on the left on the small bench.  The four paintings are hanging on the wire in my studio (all are on paper), and reveal a process of discovery throughout the week. that encompasses my process.  Much was learned and opened as the week unfolded.

I am enjoying this type of connection to creativity. It was such a sweet thing to have a whole week to journey into it.



5 thoughts on “Expressive Arts: Nourishing The Soul”

  1. Holly, you blow me away. Such heartfelt work. I have thought so often of our conversation during your art show at Mead’s, when you told me that one person had informed you that your art was too “self-indulgent.” I continue to think and think on that… and my deepest and truest response is, what is art for, and indeed, what is writing for, except for the indulgence of self-exploration and discovery? Isn’t that where it always begins? Kudos to you for taking the time to go on this wonderful adventure. I am so happy for you. And your pieces are always a joy to take in. 🙂

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