Considering a Mood…

Considering a Mood...

This is a mixed media piece assembled from discarded paintings and a drawing of a duck. What mood does it evoke in you?


6 thoughts on “Considering a Mood…”

  1. I think for me it elicits a response of hesitancy and caution, a bit of bewilderment. The duck, for me, would symbolize childhood, while the red splotches and the squiggles on the hands would seem to indicate pain, confusion and blood. Also, I see the duck being lost in a forest… I’m having a hard time pinpointing the mood… for me, maybe grief over a lost innocence in childhood? I wonder if that is even close to what you intended or were thinking?

  2. you can probably guess the mood it evokes for me – whatever “mood” describes a wee little ducky encroached on from all sides by heavy texts and large oppressive hands grasping or crushing…oh, and the sky is falling 🙂

  3. Prior to reading the comments, my first reaction was: what’s the little duck doing there? Could become a children’s story. I don’t know why we read these terribly fraught stories to our children. As a so-called grown up I’m often aghast at Hansel and Gretel or Red Riding Hood and so on.

    1. You captured the essence of the work. It is about protection and vulnerability. As far as fairy tales, I find them to have served a purpose in history of teaching that the world is not safe. Today we want to gloss over all that believing that it is. I do think there needs to be a reasonable balance in how we share such information- but it is surely evocative on a human level.

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