About Holly Suzanne

“The fun of living is that we have to make ourselves, after all.”
Robert Henri – The Art Spirit
Two Self Portraits:


“The study of art is the study of the relative value of things…Nothing is for itself, but each thing partaking of the other is living its greatest possibility, is surpassing itself with vitality and meaning and is part of the making of a great unity.”
Robert Henri – The Art Spirit

Who am I?  I am a person in process.  A believer in possibilities and the freedom to choose life in all it’s ways/forms etc.   A believer in life as art and art as life and life in relation to art and art in relation to life. The things I post on this blog will be a conglomeration of things that catch my fancy or things I’d like to share because for some reason they compel me.  Sometimes I will write a note, a poem, or some words to expand on these images.  Sometimes I may share readings that inform me and bolster me, or move me. I will often share my artwork in process, in various stages of becoming.

My main passion in life is integration and synthesis in hopes of connection and relation with myself and others.

I have several websites that host my artwork and another that links to my therapy site.  Please peruse at your leisure.


www.hollysuzannefilbert.artistwebsites.com  (my personal website with ability to buy prints)

www.lifeinrelationtherapy.net  (my therapy business website)

Other websites affiliated with me:

www.thelightekprhastic.com  (another website that works from an ekphrastic viewpoint)


26 thoughts on “About Holly Suzanne”

  1. thank you, holly for reblogging my post. life is good, even with the ups and downs. what would we do if it was all blissful? well, that DOES sound good, doesn’t it? have a beautiful weekend.

  2. Hi,
    I came to thank you for visiting Lantern Post and I found I really like what I found here -:))!


  3. I’ve been enjoying your blog and think I will add it to the sidebar on my blog under “Art and Culture.” I’m writing on “Living on the Edge of the Wild” which really is about exploring life creatively, in the moment, fully aware, as we travel or hunker down at home, or give voice to our own creative urges. So I really appreciate and enjoy seeing how other creative people express their vision. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Holly
    wow you have worked hard on your art work, collaboration with your husband, which makes really creative results, and your sales pages. Congratulations! I look to find the size of each piece. It is interesting to read your description of your pieces. a good selling point I imagine.

    1. Thank, Carla. I’ve put these things together over time. I appreciate the encouragement, although I haven’t sold anything online. It seems that people need to see the work and I haven’t invested in good photography. I have a question for you. I went and looked at your site and really love your work. I mean it. Your creativity is amazing and inspiring to me. I get the sense that you “live” in a place of creativity and that is something I really admire. I noticed that you have formal academic training in art. I’m thinking about pursuing a more formal course of study as I am primarily self taught. My thought is that I could benefit from other’s eyes and some direction. What are your thoughts about academia. If you want to respond feel free to email me at ekphrastix@gmail.com. Thanks!-Holly

    1. Dear Deborah,
      Thank you so much for nominating me. I’m sorry it’s taken me a few days to respond. Things have been crazy busy here with the holiday’s and an artist’s reception tonight. I’ll be in touch. It is a lovely honor to receive. Thanks@ -Holly

      1. Thank you for including me and recognizing me in this way. I appreciate your constant encouragement and love. Your work, though, truly captivates, and moves one beyond what they were before engaging with it. I love you too.

  5. Thank you for giving me the opportunity of seeing your stuff. You really need to get yourself the “Like everything” button – I’d probably press it twice.

    Great Pictures – Bravo


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