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Falling into Faded Fantasies

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These works represent a time lapse. Longings and dreams fade…the narrative changes…people come and go in our lives and we adapt, we merge, we yield. Nothing is lost… just re-purposed, re-homed, re-fueled.We tell stories to make sense of life. My story Is being assembled as I go.

I’ve been away from my blog for quite some time, but I am emerging…

Wishing peace and blessings-  Holly


Expressive Arts: Nourishing The Soul



At the end of August I spent a week in Sonoma, California at a week long intensive designed for participants to move into a multi-modal expressive space in order to access a deeper level of innate creativity.  The artwork this week was not about a finished artifact of fine art, but about the process itself.  The artifacts are merely participants in the journey and provide a place of dialogue and inquiry.  There are six pieces here, from that week.  One of the sculptural pieces broke on the journey home and is on the left on the small bench.  The four paintings are hanging on the wire in my studio (all are on paper), and reveal a process of discovery throughout the week. that encompasses my process.  Much was learned and opened as the week unfolded.

I am enjoying this type of connection to creativity. It was such a sweet thing to have a whole week to journey into it.


Poetic Collage

Standing Alone I
Mixed Media: For my latest show I added a layer of wax, shellac and wood glue to add a textural dimension to an existing ink and watercolor painting that I mounted on a 2″ gallery wrapped wooden board. I used a wet shellac burn to brown the wood glue to represent bark on the solitary trunk. The amber shellac added a lot to the piece, bringing out more of the autumnal colors.


Sometimes in my work, after a painting rests  awhile, it calls for something else and the result for me is a kind of visual poetry or collage.  There is a cadence to the work.  It feels otherworldly and seems to take on a life of it’s own.  Some people call this flow; some call it inspiration.  I’m not sure what I call it but it seems pregnant and full of possibility. I liked these paintings before; they felt fresh and alive.  Now they seem mature and full, as if they’ve the capacity to hold and embrace the weight of living.  Perhaps that’s what age does for some people.  It’s certainly something to think about.

Cycles of Life

Cycles of Life
Mixed Media on Board with Resin
18″ x 18″


The title of this piece is perhaps self evident.  This piece, constructed with paper, plastic, shellac, wood glue, acrylic paint, and oil was made with the summer fires in Colorado in mind.  Often what we believe will scar the landscape or our own lives actually ends up bringing unexpected discoveries.  The overall topography is something to behold and hold in reverence.


This is one of the pieces I’ll be featuring in the show at Mead’s Corner in Wichita from October 31st to December 1, 2012.

More of Collaging Realities

“Meditating Realities”
Mixed Media Encaustic Collage on Clayboard

Mixed Media Encaustic Collage on Clayboard
10″ x 10″

10″ x 10″

I actually began these  pieces prior to the four of my last post but had the same idea in mind when composing them.  One thing I didn’t mention before but may be interesting to some of you is that the printed text for these works came from pages of a book that had been removed and placed together on a trading table at  Bluebird Arthouse.   This is a local art supply store, studio space, and artist hangout here in Wichita or more specifically, the Delano District.  If you are from Wichita you should check them out:)  One of the cool things they do is provide space for people to exchange materials that could be used to make art.  It’s a give one take one kind of thing.  I was there for an opening of a friend’s artwork and saw these pages, and now parts of them, snipped and pieced together have become a part of my work.  The pages of this book cut from their binding moved me to consider all the paths open to us in life, as well as the ways we look back and make sense of things.  Griefs, losses, accomplishments, joy, heartaches, etc. all pass before us embedded in layers of emotional reality.  How a person remembers their life is fascinating to me.  In my therapist life I often ask  couples  to show me via painting or using a sandtray and figurines, to tell the “The Story of Us”-meaning their story.  I am always amazed at how other’s people’s words are remembered, sometimes in striking details. Likewise, I am surprised too by the flexibility of memory as it is informed by an enlightened moment.   It’s like fog lifting off the sea.