In the shadows

In the shadows

My studio has a high ceiling and three windows lining the southern wall. Often this light is a source of frustration to me as it blinds or obscures my canvas with glare, resulting in resentful movements of myself and my work to corners of the room unaffected by the light. A couple days ago in my nomadic journey through the studio I was caught off guard as I turned to see a painting done the day before drying in a corner, half lit by the sun, half kissed by shadow. As often is the case for me, it is in these moments that strike me as sensational moments of living…these times, these images that catch my eye and my breath. What is it about shadow that draws me? Perhaps it’s the mystery?




“All art is a dance of meaning from form to form”
Guy Davenport

A sculpture inspires a drawing, a painting, a photo and now a post. Completed today, I share it here. I see her standing alone, exposed, marked by time and circumstance, but distinct. There’s always more to things than meet the eye.

Do you see what I see?

Do you see what I see?

What do you see? This photo is of a work done on board collaged with paper towel built up to add texture, then paint was applied.

Do you see her yet? Who is she? To you? Is it a reflection? Meditation?

Today as I happened to glance at this work, housed on the wall of my bedroom wall above my dresser, I was caught off guard as my eyes looked without looking and my mind went offline. Somehow it held me there.

Today I don’t want to see. I want to get lost; to bury myself inside the hollow of this cloak.

And you?

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog! This blog is a response to myself out of a desire to intersect with ideas and possibilities of life-in-relation-to-art.

I recognize that art is highly personal and yet it is also a strong connective tissue that links us to ourselves and to others. I welcome any of you who happen to be reading this to share your thoughts and visions and makings here. I look forward to a feast of inspiration and contemplation and will do my part to add regularly to the table.

The image below was completed several years ago and I use it here as it represents an internal regeneration.

Thanks for reading.

Holly Suzanne

"Embryonic Regeneration"
Holly Suzanne, 2009

and visa versa

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