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Photographic Inspiration from the Natural World and Three Paintings

The natural world is a constant inspiration to my being, feeding my spirit and my artistic passion.   Here are photos taken on some of my adventures in the outdoors followed by several paintings inspired by such trips.  Kanopolas Lake and Yellow Stone Park are the sites for these explorations.  I’d encourage you to figure out which ones come from where! Following are three paintings completed recently from a few of these places. Enjoy!

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Crash Collage Investigation

This is from my shared blog called Combinatory Art In Motion.  The blog is dedicated to ekphrsis.

Crash Collage Investigation.

Dismantled and Turning Towards

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Terra cotta sculpture bisque fired and then saw dust fired with red iron oxide and bone ash.

2012   5x 4×4 inches.  Holly Suzanne

Feedback Desired!

I am selecting one of these for inclusion in a catalogue announcing an exhibition I’m showing in this summer through Vivid Arts Network in Toronto.  Your comments are welcome!  Thanks!  -Holly Suzanne

Above:  Fire Dance  Mixed Media on Paper  36″ x 30″

Above;  Blue Sway, Mixed Media on Paper,  36″ x 24″
                       Three Part Harmony,  Mixed Media Monoprint on Paper,  36″ x 30″

Self Reflective Stance

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Handbuilt Clay Sculpture Bisque Fired to Cone 6 and then Saw Dust Fired in Aluminum Can with Red Iron Oxide and Bone Ash.

8′ x 4″ -2012 Holly Suzanne.