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Wet Clay Watercolor Surprise

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This is a work in progress.  I’ve mixed two types of clay in the process of making this sculptural pieces and decided to take some photos at this phase.  What I found was a wonderful surprise. The images reminded me of soft watercolor washes- a happy little treat at this stage!

There’s just something about wet clay that is satisfying in a way that cannot compare.  I love working with it and watching things emerge from it’s initially unformed mass.

-Enjoy the day

Holly Suzanne

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Crash Collage Investigation

This is from my shared blog called Combinatory Art In Motion.  The blog is dedicated to ekphrsis.

Crash Collage Investigation.

Dismantled and Turning Towards

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Terra cotta sculpture bisque fired and then saw dust fired with red iron oxide and bone ash.

2012   5x 4×4 inches.  Holly Suzanne

Feedback Desired!

I am selecting one of these for inclusion in a catalogue announcing an exhibition I’m showing in this summer through Vivid Arts Network in Toronto.  Your comments are welcome!  Thanks!  -Holly Suzanne

Above:  Fire Dance  Mixed Media on Paper  36″ x 30″

Above;  Blue Sway, Mixed Media on Paper,  36″ x 24″
                       Three Part Harmony,  Mixed Media Monoprint on Paper,  36″ x 30″

My Garden

In my garden are wildflowers. My garden-the small patch of earth right on the other side of my porch, where wildflower seeds were sprinkled into the wind last fall hoping some would land and take root. It’s in bloom!

I’ve longed to be outdoors with my paint and easel in order to catch some of their essence, and today I set off determined not to let another day pass without the experience of lingering there and linger I did.

Wind, sun, paint, water, easel, hair in my face and grass beneath my feet. Smears and strokes of paint in no apparent order I painted what I felt was there in this delicate garden. Allowing the paint to run, allowing myself freedom from results, I let myself experience. What a blissful thing- to abandon yourself to free expression.