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Morning Coffee and Watercolor Rain

This morning Nathan and I are sitting at Mead’s Corner having coffee (this is where my work is up this month).  We happen to be positioned in a sunny room right in front of this piece, “Watercolor Rain”, which is a mixed media collage on board.  It suites my mood this morning, so I share it here.  There’s something about the way she stands, turned away, head down.  I experience the piece as a  melancholy calm, with hints of passion and memory, nostalgia and wistful remembering,  Some of my pieces hit me this way.  So much of my experience and way of experiencing are worked out in the making, each artifact a part of an intricate tapestry of being.  So I let it ruminate,  and allow myself to feel.




Experiential Ekphrasis

To any of you, who follow my blog or who have happened upon this page, I invite you to check out an associated blog that I co-author.  It is an extension of my life in relation to art:)  We are adding to it daily!

Experiential Ekphrasis.

The Landscape of Self

The Landscape of Self

Sometimes all that lies between one’s self and others or the world is the film that somehow holds us in one place. It organizes and rests in particular ways that shape us, give us form that becomes recognizable to ourselves and to others. I dare say to exist is to know this difference.

What intrigues me is the absolute vulnerability of this-the inherent risk of being other, being known, sharing, and receiving. At the same time it is exciting, profound, and sustaining.