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Untitled Poppy Collage # 1, 9″ x 12″ Encaustic, Repurposed watercolor painting on rice paper, acrylic paint,  and sharpie on  Board.

Untitled Poppy Collage # 2, 9″ x 12″,  Encaustic, Repurposed Watercolor on Rice Paper, Sharpie, Acrylic, Poppy Pods & Stem on          Board.

Untitled Poppy Collage # 3, 6″ x 9″,  Encaustic, Repurposed Watercolor Painting on Rice Paper, Sharpie, Acrylic, on Board.

Untitled Poppy Collage # 4, 9″ x 12″, Encaustic, Repurposed Watercolor on Rice Paper, Acrylic, Sharpie, on Board.

In these works I started by cutting a failed watercolor painting  on rice paper that I then  collaged with an acrylic medium onto paper.  When that was done I cut it into pieces and composed pieces on four separate panels.  The panels had been painted previously as well and set aside.  The collages were then assembled using encaustic medium, which is a wax medium applied with a certain technique.  I added additional pieces of painted rice paper drawn on with a sharpie to add contrast to the composition.

If you are new to encaustic I suggest checking it out.  I absolutely love encaustic.   It can be mixed with pigment or used as a semi-transparent layer.  I use bleached natural bees wax in these pieces to adhere layers of paper to my board, which was first painted.  To see more of my encaustic work check out this link:  http://hollysuzannefilbert.com/collections/42779.



Crash Collage Investigation

This is from my shared blog called Combinatory Art In Motion.  The blog is dedicated to ekphrsis.

Crash Collage Investigation.

My Garden

In my garden are wildflowers. My garden-the small patch of earth right on the other side of my porch, where wildflower seeds were sprinkled into the wind last fall hoping some would land and take root. It’s in bloom!

I’ve longed to be outdoors with my paint and easel in order to catch some of their essence, and today I set off determined not to let another day pass without the experience of lingering there and linger I did.

Wind, sun, paint, water, easel, hair in my face and grass beneath my feet. Smears and strokes of paint in no apparent order I painted what I felt was there in this delicate garden. Allowing the paint to run, allowing myself freedom from results, I let myself experience. What a blissful thing- to abandon yourself to free expression.

In the shadows

In the shadows

My studio has a high ceiling and three windows lining the southern wall. Often this light is a source of frustration to me as it blinds or obscures my canvas with glare, resulting in resentful movements of myself and my work to corners of the room unaffected by the light. A couple days ago in my nomadic journey through the studio I was caught off guard as I turned to see a painting done the day before drying in a corner, half lit by the sun, half kissed by shadow. As often is the case for me, it is in these moments that strike me as sensational moments of living…these times, these images that catch my eye and my breath. What is it about shadow that draws me? Perhaps it’s the mystery?