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Poetic Collage

Standing Alone I
Mixed Media: For my latest show I added a layer of wax, shellac and wood glue to add a textural dimension to an existing ink and watercolor painting that I mounted on a 2″ gallery wrapped wooden board. I used a wet shellac burn to brown the wood glue to represent bark on the solitary trunk. The amber shellac added a lot to the piece, bringing out more of the autumnal colors.


Sometimes in my work, after a painting rests  awhile, it calls for something else and the result for me is a kind of visual poetry or collage.  There is a cadence to the work.  It feels otherworldly and seems to take on a life of it’s own.  Some people call this flow; some call it inspiration.  I’m not sure what I call it but it seems pregnant and full of possibility. I liked these paintings before; they felt fresh and alive.  Now they seem mature and full, as if they’ve the capacity to hold and embrace the weight of living.  Perhaps that’s what age does for some people.  It’s certainly something to think about.


Getting back at it….


It’s been almost a month and I’ve been practicing the art of procrastination in regards to my blog and all of you who are kind enough to follow my blog may have wondered at my absence or then again maybe in the superflow of information and all the multitudes of creatives out there you didn’t even notice.  It’s okay if you didn’t.  My world is bursting at the seams and I have accepted long ago, contrary to some people’s opinions of me, that I can’t do everything and keep up with everything.   Nevertheless, I have missed the shared community here and hope all of you are well and enjoying the last days of summer.  Here in Wichita, our kids are back in school officially as of today and Nathan had his first day in the SlIM program at Emporia State.   As for me, as the title of this post suggests, I’m getting back at it, which presently means ordering supplies  for the studio, tending to domestic chores, working part time in my therapy practice,  trying to potty train two apparently stubborn puppies, and loving on my family.  I”ve no creative works to share at the moment all though I have many ideas flowing in my head and I grow anxious to give breath to them.  I’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, I wanted to share a video from the Limitless Expressions Exhibit posted today and if you click on a “ The Light Ekphrastic”, where Nathan has several poems  published.  Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day:)  –Holly Suzanne

Here’s the video:


Refined Through Fire

– “Refined Through Fire”-  handbuilt sculpture bisque fired to cone 5 and then saw dust fired with red iron oxide, salt, and bone ash.  2012- Holly Suzanne. All images by Holly Suzanne.

I believe in making the most of life as it comes and in whatever ways it happens.  This sculpture, in the greenware state looked like this: 

When I took the piece out of the kiln and saw that the side had been blown off,  I found something that to me was unexpectedly beautiful.  The lines of the remaining figure were sharp and clean, reminding me of cracks in ice.  I decided not to glaze the piece and instead smoke fired it with newspaper, sawdust, and leaves from the yard.   For those of you that want to learn more about the process of saw dust or smoke firing, you can find a little below: Instead of a pit I use an aluminum trash can and add more items to the mix for a bit more surprise:)


Friday Fictioneers- “The Voyeur”

The land is barren.  Desolate. The view from above revealing the truth.  There is no safe place to land.  Others dip and dive, searching for that chance, that opportunity, that piece of meat. Not I.  Better to observe than to risk. The advantage of elevation, from the tip of the farthest branch is that it serves as protection, but from what?  A question I often ask myself as it also leaves me hungry.  Days bleed into nights, with one important distinction.  I can see myself at night.  Through the darkness I emerge and others fade away.  There is safety there.  And power.  My natural world.  My true state.

Post for Friday Fictioneers!  What a great prompt, Madeline:)


Remembering Moments

Large ink and watercolor painting by Holly and Nathan 2011

This post is dedicated to Nathan on our anniversary as he loves it when I dabble in his chosen medium- that of language.  To you, Nathan!


To Wed

Colors lay side by side. They overlap, swim, mingle, transform.

The landscape is blocks of color, layers of transparency, dark lines of definition, black spots of experience.

The process is fluid, mixed with water, layers of color, infusions of ink dancing with water.

It shifts as it settles, some colors coming forward while others recede.

Water absorbs.  Pigments come to rest.  On the surface a kaleidoscope of translucent color.

I see you there.  I see me.  Our marriage.  Our union,  in all it’s particularities.

And I find myself grateful in this moment of pondering of what it means To Wed.


–  Holly Suzanne July 9, 2011 on the occasion of my one year wedding anniversary to Nathan Filbert.


My Trinity

Encaustic Triptyk: Love, Health, Happiness
Mixed Media (paint, ink, clay shards, shellac, wood glue, and encaustic and resin) on wood. 2012. -Holly Suzanne


I found these wooden boards (12″ x 12″) at a resale store.  They had markings on them signifying Love, Health, and Happiness.  As is always my preference for materials, I found a ready “canvas” in these pieces.  I decided to add to these pieces without erasing their history and the result is what you see.  In a lot of my work I enjoy adding layers of texture and color to build up transparency and complexity while keeping things simple enough that the piece is unapproachable.  This is of course unless my aim is to disturb:)  These pieces are not for sale as I’ve already gifted them to people I love, but there are prints available if you really like them.  Click through the first picture to the link if you are interested.

Have a wonderful day!-Holly

Thoughts on Artistic Process

Sometimes in the artistic process I find that what I’m going for gets away from me.  I set out with something in mind, and I may even like several steps along the way, and then before I can stop the momentum, I’ve lost it altogether.  I’m in the practice of photographing some of my work as it’s in progress, and sometimes when I revisit it I find something that moves me.  These are moments of simple satisfaction.


“All pleasures are born out of some sort of communion…

it is always what bounds or limits a thing that gives it its character,

precision, distinctness, perfection.

It is what isolates it, encompasses it, separates it from the rest,

encloses it within itself and leads it back to itself.

Thereby it subsists, is distinct, is known…”

Joseph Joubert