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Lovers Dictionary : Blemish

The first installation compiled for our larger project set to words in video format.   From Combinatory Art in Motion:   Lovers Dictionary : Blemish.


Contemplating Personal Power

Owning my own personal power is something I take very seriously.  Not only is this important in my work as a therapist, where equalizing the inherent power differential is a part of my theoretical lens, but it is important in other areas of my life as well and affects my marriage, my parenting, and my creative capacities.  Believing in myself, owning my strengths, my limitations, my growth edges, helps me face down fear, which so often paralyzes me, especially artistically.  I fear that I have nothing relevant to say and even less ability to execute it.  It’s easier with therapy, the stance of humility is beneficial to reducing other peoples anxieties.  With art, when I am planning or working on a piece I find that confidence and trust in myself are paramount.  These are important in therapy as well, but it is not really about me, it is about others.  Art brings me face to face with my self in a way that leaves me vulnerable.  When I am able to overcome my fear and allow myself freedom to make mistakes, the result is often gratifying.  It’s this personal power I hold onto when I begin to doubt.

This latest in the series of Meditating Possibilities seemed a fitting tribute to starting the new year.  Thanks to my step son whose Captain America helmet was loaned for the sitting:)

A New Series in The Making: Meditating Possibilities

Meditating Possibilities # 2
Graphite on Paper
9″ x 12″
Holly Suzanne , December 2012


IMG_6421Meditating Realities # 1
Graphite on Paper
9″ x 12″
Holly Suzanne, December  2012


Meditating Possibilities # 3

Holly Suzanne, 2012

As some of my readers have noted, I’ve been waiting for some kind of inspiration as of late, feeling bogged down and bound up with a long Christmas list of to-do”s. Typically,  when this happens I find myself day dreaming, gazing, reading, or honestly DOING anything that isn’t directly creative in a zombie like procrastinating state,  but thankfully,  this is lifting, thanks in part to my husband who just happened to place one of my hats atop a Buddha statue  that sits atop our built in buffet in the dining room.  Often over the past few days, I’ve  found myself gazing at it, captivated by the transformative reality the small hat claims,  and so it was that yesterday I decided to play dress up so to speak with various hats from our wardrobe.  In my dress series, I engaged the idea of identity via style and fashion particularly related to gender, but this dressing strikes me in another way.  The Buddha statue adorned with various hats is an odd juxtaposition of physical and spiritual dimensions.  It reminds me so of a phrase I read long ago as part of an essay on Liberation Theology that encouraged a spirituality where one’s “feet are planted in mid-air” (author unknown).  In an odd way these works remind me of that.  We are living after all,  bound to our bodies, our vulnerabilities, our lives, and yet to transcend these things, to meditate and find peace requires a meditative other wordly stance often referred to as meditation.  This is something I think of often, seeking to find balance in my life.  In this case it appears, at least for the time being in this new series.  

To see a book of the dress series with paintings by me and poetry by Nathan Filbert please visit:  Paper Dolls: A Dress Series in Paint and Poetry

More of Collaging Realities

“Meditating Realities”
Mixed Media Encaustic Collage on Clayboard

Mixed Media Encaustic Collage on Clayboard
10″ x 10″

10″ x 10″

I actually began these  pieces prior to the four of my last post but had the same idea in mind when composing them.  One thing I didn’t mention before but may be interesting to some of you is that the printed text for these works came from pages of a book that had been removed and placed together on a trading table at  Bluebird Arthouse.   This is a local art supply store, studio space, and artist hangout here in Wichita or more specifically, the Delano District.  If you are from Wichita you should check them out:)  One of the cool things they do is provide space for people to exchange materials that could be used to make art.  It’s a give one take one kind of thing.  I was there for an opening of a friend’s artwork and saw these pages, and now parts of them, snipped and pieced together have become a part of my work.  The pages of this book cut from their binding moved me to consider all the paths open to us in life, as well as the ways we look back and make sense of things.  Griefs, losses, accomplishments, joy, heartaches, etc. all pass before us embedded in layers of emotional reality.  How a person remembers their life is fascinating to me.  In my therapist life I often ask  couples  to show me via painting or using a sandtray and figurines, to tell the “The Story of Us”-meaning their story.  I am always amazed at how other’s people’s words are remembered, sometimes in striking details. Likewise, I am surprised too by the flexibility of memory as it is informed by an enlightened moment.   It’s like fog lifting off the sea.