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photo (36)photo (38)photo (37)Fun with  ink and paper.  The size of each piece is 20″ x 30″



Bound Up Inside

Fused Plastic Collage with Marker on Wax Paper
Holly Suzanne 2012

Sometimes I feel bound up inside as if there were no escape from my own self defined ideas.  Things like beauty and creativity find themselves cloaked or stifled and I struggle to bring forth what I’m trying to say, do or represent.  I move about and wrestle trying to free that thing that will change it all, that will finally release me from what’s holding me.  I feel inept, unable to execute my ideas or my desires.  I guess  we never really know what is hidden or what we hide from ourselves, the parts of our selves that sabotage.  I can feel their effects, but struggle today to get my bearings and push through to the other side.

Juggling Hats


It’s not easy juggling hats.  I enjoy all parts of my life but sometimes things just get messy!  Not only is there a need to select which things take priority, but sometimes a deep clean up is called for.  Generally speaking I have to do a major overhaul of my studio each time I put up a show, and Monday was set aside for this task.  There were a number of things I’d hoped to accomplish besides actually cleaning, which trust em needed to be done, but I have been wanting to find a new storage system for my work and move my working area to a spot with better lighting.  It took almost six hours but the result was satisfying.

The image you see above was completed as a finale to my day’s labor.  It is a mixed media piece on plywood that rests on a large easel against one of my walls. I titled it “Juggling Hats” because it captures a momentary glimpse of all the subtle complexity involved in any creative effort.   This  isn’t a fine piece of art by any means,  but it is an expression of my process, a mark so to speak of my existence in this world, and how I move in it.  It felt good.  When I was done, I rested:)

Refined Through Fire

– “Refined Through Fire”-  handbuilt sculpture bisque fired to cone 5 and then saw dust fired with red iron oxide, salt, and bone ash.  2012- Holly Suzanne. All images by Holly Suzanne.

I believe in making the most of life as it comes and in whatever ways it happens.  This sculpture, in the greenware state looked like this: 

When I took the piece out of the kiln and saw that the side had been blown off,  I found something that to me was unexpectedly beautiful.  The lines of the remaining figure were sharp and clean, reminding me of cracks in ice.  I decided not to glaze the piece and instead smoke fired it with newspaper, sawdust, and leaves from the yard.   For those of you that want to learn more about the process of saw dust or smoke firing, you can find a little below: Instead of a pit I use an aluminum trash can and add more items to the mix for a bit more surprise:)


Simple Lines

Simple Lines

Usually I complicate things. You see, it seems to be in my nature to work and rework particular things and quite frankly it doesn’t come easy to me most of the time.  Sometimes, however, I fall upon a place of satisfaction that I like to call balance, where  things come together for me and are apparent from their origin.  These times don’t happen often for me, but when they do, I find a beautiful place of grace.