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Updated and Revised

oil on canvas 36 " x 36"
oil on canvas
36 ” x 36″

This was originally a self portrait and in many ways it still is, but the painting has morphed over time, much as I continuously change.  I’m not saying I don’t exist, only that I am always learning more about myself.


Work in Process


These are two of the large oil paintings I’ve been working on in my studio.  I’m at a stand still currently as my supplies have dwindled and I am awaiting a shipment to complete them.  The Triptyk is called Waterplay, even though I only show two of the works here.  I find oil to be a labor of love in that it demands patience and planning, or at least more planning than I typically desire.  These works have taken a form I’d not suspected however and I’m letting them lead me as I go.   I imagine the swimmer to be delighting under a  waterfall, as seen in the other painting.  She seems to be pondering something there.

Have a good eve-

Holly Suzanne

On Art Making and Love


Encaustic collage made with sewing patterns, oil paint, and india ink on board. – Holly Suzanne 2012

I was asked today for an interview as part of a newspaper article for a local high school here in Wichita on the Science of Love.  Of course they asked me as a therapist and not as an artist, but as I think on the topic and contemplate what I might have to contribute to the article I can’t help but ponder the similarities between art making and love making.  For those of you sleepy readers I may have just gotten your attention;)  In my work as an artist there is a certain intimacy with the materials which develops and is born out of an inherent attraction, likewise love. Creating something aesthetically pleasing and balanced requires attunement and a commitment to the process, as does love.  Mistakes are made, repairs attempted, and out of this something of a union of materials or hearts are joined together.  Love or art cannot be reduced to a formula or even be described in terms of science, although we’d like to think that following this technique or learning to listen or understand is the key to success, yet there remains the unexplicable mystery of how these thing are translated and in the end this “thing” if we can call it that is always more than the sum of it’s parts.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as the old adage goes.  It certainly appears to be true in art as well as in love.