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Work in Process


These are two of the large oil paintings I’ve been working on in my studio.  I’m at a stand still currently as my supplies have dwindled and I am awaiting a shipment to complete them.  The Triptyk is called Waterplay, even though I only show two of the works here.  I find oil to be a labor of love in that it demands patience and planning, or at least more planning than I typically desire.  These works have taken a form I’d not suspected however and I’m letting them lead me as I go.   I imagine the swimmer to be delighting under a  waterfall, as seen in the other painting.  She seems to be pondering something there.

Have a good eve-

Holly Suzanne


Posts From The Studio


Collage in Mixed Media on Wood, Holly Suzanne 2012







Collage in Mixed Media on Wood,  Holly Suzanne, 2012

Hello Everyone!  I hope this September finds you in your creative groove.  I’ve been absent from Life In Relation To Art  (my blog) but not absent in my studio, and I’m sending this post out for all of you who follow my blog…Hello;)  Balancing life and art necessitates such careful balance.  It’s good to be able to write you all.

Things in my little slice of the world are moving along and things are emerging in my work.  I’ve been working on some mixed media encaustic collage  pieces for a show coming up in November here in Wichita, as well as a large triptych called “Waterplay” in oil on canvas.  I’ll be unveiling some of the work slowly prior to the show, and have dedicated two days a week to work in my studio, and snippets of other days when I’m able to accomplish the task.

These two pieces were inspired by several cool days here in Kansas, where we had partly sunny skies and occasional rain showers.  As is my preference I like to use discarded paintings in my encaustic collage work as they provide rich and interesting collage papers to work with.   I’ve been noticing the circular design popping up in my work lately.  In these two pieces I used wood glue and shellac in a wet burn technique to create contrast to the softer colors of the papers and wax.

Until next time,

Holly Suzanne




Small Bites

It’s miserably hot here in Wichita (106 yesterday and 108 forecasted for today) and unfortunately, my studio is not air conditioned.   So what’s a girl to do when she is a messy painter and the only cool place is in the main house where not everyone wants paint everywhere?  Well…minimize the mess of course!  For me that means working small and these smallish abstract paintings were just a fun exploration of color really. I thought I’d share them in the spirit of keeping up good spirits when it is hellishly hot!

I hope you all enjoy the day!  I’m trying;)

-Holly Suzanne


Today in the Studio

Today in the studio I’ve been working on a collage (see below).  This particular piece was created with two separate works that haven’t felt complete and I’ve been waiting to see what to do with them.  If you are a regular reader you may recall the watercolor gouache painting in the rain that I did awhile back.  It is one of the works I’m referring to.  

My interest in collage has a lot to do with understanding how meaning is made.  The nuances, turns, and layering are experienced in me as an intuitive understanding and perception of place and of awareness of volition or choice.  It is a sensitive dance and one I thoroughly enjoy.

Here are some of other pieces I’ve completed recently:

rounding out the week…


Sometimes in my studio I force myself to work with the materials I have at hand.  Usually the end of the month brings me naturally to this place as the budget for supplies often dries up mid-way through:)  So…these paintings were done using what I could find, which included the last few feet of a roll of Waterford #140 lb cold press watercolor paper available through Jerry‘s Artarama online.  It comes in a roll 5’wide and 10’ long, and handles almost anything you can throw on it.  I’ve used it for mulit-media pieces that have included layer after layer of latex paint.  Trust me…it’s good stuff!  Anyway, I was thankful I remembered to check the roll.  I also scraped the bottom of my artist inks and acrylic paints, which I water down and use kind of like watercolor.  Now that it’s the beginning of the month I’ve a few more materials to work with, but I have to admit there is something to using what you have and creating from that instead of adding to it.  I really do like simplicity.  It’s like a breath of fresh air.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!







Untitled Poppy Collage # 1, 9″ x 12″ Encaustic, Repurposed watercolor painting on rice paper, acrylic paint,  and sharpie on  Board.

Untitled Poppy Collage # 2, 9″ x 12″,  Encaustic, Repurposed Watercolor on Rice Paper, Sharpie, Acrylic, Poppy Pods & Stem on          Board.

Untitled Poppy Collage # 3, 6″ x 9″,  Encaustic, Repurposed Watercolor Painting on Rice Paper, Sharpie, Acrylic, on Board.

Untitled Poppy Collage # 4, 9″ x 12″, Encaustic, Repurposed Watercolor on Rice Paper, Acrylic, Sharpie, on Board.

In these works I started by cutting a failed watercolor painting  on rice paper that I then  collaged with an acrylic medium onto paper.  When that was done I cut it into pieces and composed pieces on four separate panels.  The panels had been painted previously as well and set aside.  The collages were then assembled using encaustic medium, which is a wax medium applied with a certain technique.  I added additional pieces of painted rice paper drawn on with a sharpie to add contrast to the composition.

If you are new to encaustic I suggest checking it out.  I absolutely love encaustic.   It can be mixed with pigment or used as a semi-transparent layer.  I use bleached natural bees wax in these pieces to adhere layers of paper to my board, which was first painted.  To see more of my encaustic work check out this link:  http://hollysuzannefilbert.com/collections/42779.


Photographic Inspiration from the Natural World and Three Paintings

The natural world is a constant inspiration to my being, feeding my spirit and my artistic passion.   Here are photos taken on some of my adventures in the outdoors followed by several paintings inspired by such trips.  Kanopolas Lake and Yellow Stone Park are the sites for these explorations.  I’d encourage you to figure out which ones come from where! Following are three paintings completed recently from a few of these places. Enjoy!

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