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This has been a work in process…


Studio Visit Magazine

Acrylic, Ink, and Tempera on Paper.
Acrylic, Ink, and Tempera on Paper.

Hello Blogger Friends:)  I’ve been absent from the web, but busy in painting work these past months.  I’ve also just arrived home from a lovely and full visit to Portland this past 10 days and am feeling invigorated by connecting with loved ones as well as the beautiful setting that the Pacific Northwest offers.  Prior to leaving for Portland, I learned that Studio Visit Magazine had published Volumes 21 and 22 and wanted to pass this along to you.  The piece above  along with another painting I submitted for review have been juried into print for this publication by Dina Deitsch, Senior Curator, deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum.  To view a copy follow this link to Volume 21.  My work is under Holly Suzanne Filbert and is on pages 56 and 57 but I would recommend checking out the other selections as well.  There’s some interesting stuff there:)  Enjoy and I hope to share more soon.   — Holly


The Passing

My mother passed away last week.  I was able to travel to Portland to be with her for a bit before her death, but arrived home two days before she passed.  In the few hours we were all waiting as she struggled with breath, I painted two works, which I’ve digitally combined here in a work called, “The Passing”.

Death brings with it so many unexpected changes.  Where there was once a life that filled space, there is emptiness.  I’m writing specifically about physical space, but there is the emotional as well.  Shifting energies and breath lifting her away in the wind.  This is for my mother.

The Passing (1)

Today in the Studio

Today I painted upon three monoprints I made over the Christmas holiday using photos I had taken to bring in the New Year as inspiration.  These painting were completed in two phases.  For the colored background I applied paint using a roller onto a glass surface and then made a print with the paper.  After this dried, I used black india ink to draw and paint directly on the surface of the prints, washing away portions and then letting them dry before layering more ink on the surface.

Painting as Rest and Relaxation

Thanks so much to all of you have rooted me on Friday evening for my Artist’s Reception at Mead’s Corner.  Although I was nervous, the group that attended were a welcoming audience with many thoughtful questions that helped me to articulate my philosophy, development, and vision as an artist.  My handy basket of props (materials I use to work in encaustic mixed media) was also very helpful for me).  Little tricks of the trade, suggested by my dear husband, Nathan! Thank you!  Really the night was very fun and the artwork well received and so good to see family and friends and to meet new people:)

I was able yesterday to get some paints out and spent some time working on a series of paintings in red:

Working was very refreshing for me and gives me such a sense of peace.  I’m very grateful for paint!