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Updated and Revised

oil on canvas 36 " x 36"
oil on canvas
36 ” x 36″

This was originally a self portrait and in many ways it still is, but the painting has morphed over time, much as I continuously change.  I’m not saying I don’t exist, only that I am always learning more about myself.


Snippets of a work in process

IMG_6683 IMG_6685 IMG_6684 IMG_6679I’ve been working on a series of paintings and not posting much at all, but today I thought I’d post a few pics from one of the paintings.  Yes, I am still fascinated by this statue that sits atop my piano.  It is a recurrent subject of my work.  See the series of drawings on the theme.


Show Announcement

I hope you’ll check this out as I’m very excited to be participating with Vivid Arts in the International Exhibition “Limitless Expressions” in Toronto Canada.

To see other artist’s showing with Vivid Arts click on the logo below.

Maybe I’ll become a Canadian Art Junkie!  —Holly Suzanne