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Pass it On

Hi blogger friends,

I am passing along a fantastic deal I’m promoting through Groupon for a new expressive arts couples workshop I’m hosting through my therapy business.  To visit Groupon  click here:   Expressive Arts Couples Workshop      Here’s a little more info about my relationship with Expressive Arts.

Liftaway Oil, encaustic, ink, and paper mixed media  24" x 28"
Oil, encaustic, ink, and paper mixed media
24″ x 28″
I was first introduced to expressive arts through a personal journey of transformation following a significant and life altering accident.  As I healed from serious physical injuries and emotional trauma related to my accident, art making was the healing agent in my life.  From this experience I have sought training in expressive arts therapy as both a therapeutic tool for my clients and as a way to work with individuals and couples for personal growth, transformation, and relationship enhancement.  Expressive arts utilizes the power of creativity to open up the body, mind, and spirit. It refers to the intentional use of creative modalities such as guided writing, poetry, movement, visual art making such as painting and collage, as well as drama to generate growth on a personal level and in relation to others.  When we use creative expression with this type of intention we access our inner wisdom and true nature. This connection to one’s self facilitates growth emotionally, spiritually, physically, and relationally.  Every person has within them the ability to create. Unfortunately,most of us have lost our ability to tap this potential.  In a world dominated by left brain processing, creative caapcity is left behind or censored with judgements of what is good.  Expressive art is a process oriented practice that eliminates the need for perfection.  You need not have any artistic skill to benefit from expressive arts.

Expressive Arts is beneficial on many
1) It honors the life of each person individually and as part of a whole.
2) It encourages freedom of expression personally and in relationships to others
3) It provides a non-verbal, right brain form of communication that enhances words
4) It unlocks emotions and deepens a persons sense of understanding by access to wisdom in the body, mind, and emotions.
5) It helps open a sense of connection to others by building a sense of safety, fun, and freedom to be one’s true self.
6) It helps focus attention
7) It reduces stress
8) It strengthens the autoimmune system
9) Creates a sense of well being and peace

I hope you’ll pass on this on:)



Simple Lines

Simple Lines

Usually I complicate things. You see, it seems to be in my nature to work and rework particular things and quite frankly it doesn’t come easy to me most of the time.  Sometimes, however, I fall upon a place of satisfaction that I like to call balance, where  things come together for me and are apparent from their origin.  These times don’t happen often for me, but when they do, I find a beautiful place of grace.


New Work In the Studio This Week

These are a series of prints that I’ve worked on this week using a form of a failed painting as the foundation for new possibility. I find great pleasure in working and reworking things that I’ve once seen as unworkable. By deconstructing and playing with the materials new themes come to the surface that often surprise me.