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Juggling Hats


It’s not easy juggling hats.  I enjoy all parts of my life but sometimes things just get messy!  Not only is there a need to select which things take priority, but sometimes a deep clean up is called for.  Generally speaking I have to do a major overhaul of my studio each time I put up a show, and Monday was set aside for this task.  There were a number of things I’d hoped to accomplish besides actually cleaning, which trust em needed to be done, but I have been wanting to find a new storage system for my work and move my working area to a spot with better lighting.  It took almost six hours but the result was satisfying.

The image you see above was completed as a finale to my day’s labor.  It is a mixed media piece on plywood that rests on a large easel against one of my walls. I titled it “Juggling Hats” because it captures a momentary glimpse of all the subtle complexity involved in any creative effort.   This  isn’t a fine piece of art by any means,  but it is an expression of my process, a mark so to speak of my existence in this world, and how I move in it.  It felt good.  When I was done, I rested:)


Wet Clay Watercolor Surprise

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This is a work in progress.  I’ve mixed two types of clay in the process of making this sculptural pieces and decided to take some photos at this phase.  What I found was a wonderful surprise. The images reminded me of soft watercolor washes- a happy little treat at this stage!

There’s just something about wet clay that is satisfying in a way that cannot compare.  I love working with it and watching things emerge from it’s initially unformed mass.

-Enjoy the day

Holly Suzanne

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Image from Kansas

I didn’t grow up in Kansas.  As some of you may have discerned, I am a transplant from the Pacific Northwest, but I have roots in Kansas dating back to my great great grandparents, and now I am married into a family from Kansas calling it my home. That being said, I am often torn between these worlds as loved ones reside in both places, and I also yearn for the green, luscious and wet beauty of Portland.  But,  I’ve learned something interesting here.  Something unexpected. I’ve discovered a different kind of beauty all together and something else that I’m still trying to grasp.

When I walked around these structures I couldn’t help but feel a deep sense of connection with all the history of human being-  I found myself captivated by the graceful yet dilapidated boards and the way they have come to rest by leaning on one another- the angles and seams, shadows and light…simply mesmerizing.   There is something for me in these places- a part of me buried under boards and years of struggle.  My heritage. Found  in the middle of the continental United States.  In Kansas.  Sweet and unexpected treasures I’ve happened upon in my wandering.  Needless to say, I’m glad I’m here:)

Enjoy-Holly Suzanne

These are photographs which I took while on a day excursion with the family to see ghost towns in Kansas.

Photographic Inspiration from the Natural World and Three Paintings

The natural world is a constant inspiration to my being, feeding my spirit and my artistic passion.   Here are photos taken on some of my adventures in the outdoors followed by several paintings inspired by such trips.  Kanopolas Lake and Yellow Stone Park are the sites for these explorations.  I’d encourage you to figure out which ones come from where! Following are three paintings completed recently from a few of these places. Enjoy!

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Dismantled and Turning Towards

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Terra cotta sculpture bisque fired and then saw dust fired with red iron oxide and bone ash.

2012   5x 4×4 inches.  Holly Suzanne


I call these paintings echos.

Their impressions of shape and color are vague, ghostly, and sometimes undistinguishable as a whole.   They remind me of feelings and perceptions of experiences that dissolve by mere touch.   When I look at them I see something but cannot name it.  My childhood is echoed in the layering.  The familiar sense of dress up and dolls.  And yet, what I can decipher  is either too  foggy and delineated or so loud and pressing that the reverberation is a cacophony  that could be anything, say anything,  shout anything.

The red proclaims truth, the blue soothes fear, and the white  offers hope of clarity?!


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