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Updated and Revised

oil on canvas 36 " x 36"
oil on canvas
36 ” x 36″

This was originally a self portrait and in many ways it still is, but the painting has morphed over time, much as I continuously change.  I’m not saying I don’t exist, only that I am always learning more about myself.


Juggling Hats


It’s not easy juggling hats.  I enjoy all parts of my life but sometimes things just get messy!  Not only is there a need to select which things take priority, but sometimes a deep clean up is called for.  Generally speaking I have to do a major overhaul of my studio each time I put up a show, and Monday was set aside for this task.  There were a number of things I’d hoped to accomplish besides actually cleaning, which trust em needed to be done, but I have been wanting to find a new storage system for my work and move my working area to a spot with better lighting.  It took almost six hours but the result was satisfying.

The image you see above was completed as a finale to my day’s labor.  It is a mixed media piece on plywood that rests on a large easel against one of my walls. I titled it “Juggling Hats” because it captures a momentary glimpse of all the subtle complexity involved in any creative effort.   This  isn’t a fine piece of art by any means,  but it is an expression of my process, a mark so to speak of my existence in this world, and how I move in it.  It felt good.  When I was done, I rested:)

The Sunshine Award

Dear Readers,

I have been nominated by a very talented artist/blogger , Ute,  at   http://atelierscheune2012.wordpress.com/2012/06/06/werksplitter-ein-paar-neuigkeiten-kurz-berichtet/,  for the Sunshine Award.  Her work is really amazing and I hope you check it out.  She posted four sketches as answers to seven questions about herself that are very thought provoking and cause one to pause awhile longer over them.  Her site is in German so turn on the translator!

Many of you know with these awards that it is a way to get to know one another and to get to know one another’s sites and work, as well as noting exceptional work and blogs that stand out to us personally, which is in itself another way to get to know each other and increase community. The rules are to nominate 7-10 blogs and to share 7 things that others won’t know about you.  If you would like you can follow Ute’s lead and share works/images/etc. that you’ve not shown before, or works in progress, or something of the sort.

Here are three self portraits completed awhile back in answer to the seven things you don’t know about me…..


Here are the wonderful blogs I’d like to acknowledge and appreciate with the Sunshine Award….

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Celebration of Now

Elena Caravela


There are so many of you that deserve this.  Thank you and pass it on as you see fit.  Here are three self portraits in lieu of the questions.


-Holly Suzanne



Quiet moments are fleeting.

Today they seem scarce.

Somewhere in my doing I recollect the availability of it

Blue and milky and beckoning to me as if through water

The silence is there

The pathway foggy

Is it something to hold onto or do I let go?

Is the promise enough to keep me still to it’s possibility?

I hope so.

“Mask of Meditation”, 2012, Ink on Paper,  Holly Suzanne

painting my self: a portrait

To Paint

I’m known to tell people that life is messy. Truth is, my life is messy and it’s because of this that I feel I can say the words from a place of knowing, at least about messes. Messiness is a relative thing really, a preference for how to be in the world. I like it this way. I must because I am.

The picture I’ve painted here is a painting of my self in a mess. Project on that what you will. Go ahead. I would. The way I paint is a reflection of this-my way of aligning my inner and outer realities. In my therapy world I call that congruence. It’s supposed to be a reflection of health, and that too comes out of my mouth regularly…I tend to preach that this is the goal, being true to oneself, being honest inside and out. Maybe that’s why I paint. It helps me along the way.