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rounding out the week…


Sometimes in my studio I force myself to work with the materials I have at hand.  Usually the end of the month brings me naturally to this place as the budget for supplies often dries up mid-way through:)  So…these paintings were done using what I could find, which included the last few feet of a roll of Waterford #140 lb cold press watercolor paper available through Jerry‘s Artarama online.  It comes in a roll 5’wide and 10’ long, and handles almost anything you can throw on it.  I’ve used it for mulit-media pieces that have included layer after layer of latex paint.  Trust me…it’s good stuff!  Anyway, I was thankful I remembered to check the roll.  I also scraped the bottom of my artist inks and acrylic paints, which I water down and use kind of like watercolor.  Now that it’s the beginning of the month I’ve a few more materials to work with, but I have to admit there is something to using what you have and creating from that instead of adding to it.  I really do like simplicity.  It’s like a breath of fresh air.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!







Vantage Point: Refreshed

From my vantage point I see two images, taken by me of a sculptural piece completed awhile back, sitting on the top of a built in buffet in our dining room.  My camera angled up to capture the curve and angle of this piece leaning as if in limbo.  My eyes held for an instant and demanded to be stilled a moment longer.   I don’t often stage photos., and I don’t pretend to be a photographer, but I wish I was. Photos’ like these tend to emerge from a glance that holds my eye.  That’s how these were taken.  Once downloaded onto my computer I played around with them digitally-a little exposure here, a little less color there…and so forth.

-just thought I’d share what caught my eye today…

Photographic Inspiration from the Natural World and Three Paintings

The natural world is a constant inspiration to my being, feeding my spirit and my artistic passion.   Here are photos taken on some of my adventures in the outdoors followed by several paintings inspired by such trips.  Kanopolas Lake and Yellow Stone Park are the sites for these explorations.  I’d encourage you to figure out which ones come from where! Following are three paintings completed recently from a few of these places. Enjoy!

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